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How to Apply:

1.  Clean the surface properly to make sure
      there is no dust, oil or other impurities.

2. Rinse thoroughly. Allow the tub to dry.

3. Position stickers/strips carefully for better
    surface coverage.

4. Peel off paper backing; press stickers firmly
    in place making sure all edges have contact
    with surface.

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How to Remove:

1. Lift corner of stickers with finger nail, wood,
      plastic or other non-abrasive scraper.

2. Slowly peel back stickers until removed.

3. Clean with aerosol stain remover if there is
    any adhesive residue.

4. Allow to soak 15 minutes and wipe with a dry
    rag. Repeat as necessary.

Important: Install above 10℃

Warning: Do not use on uneven or textured surfaces.

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​​​​​​​Avoid dangerous and painful falls on stairs outdoor or indoor with StepTips safety stair tape! The non-grit surface gives you no-slip traction for stairs, showers, entryways, ladders and boat decks so you and your loved ones can feel safe.

Solution for Slippery Stairs
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